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Our Business

We are in business for you!

Our company is affiliated to one of the largest fortune 500 companies in the world. Our mother company was established 100 years ago, bought over by the richest man in the world “Warren Buffet” We are now owned by Berkshire Hathaway, who administrates our shares on the stock market.

As a growing organization our South African division expands on a monthly basis starting new offices nationwide, this opens the opportunity for people to grow and advance to Jnr and Snr management positions and ultimately running their own branch close to their home town.

The demand for our product & services in the market is so vast that our main focus for this is to establish 10 new offices, recruit, train and develop new employees that have a desire for success and financial wealth.  

We offer unlimited growth; in our company every person we employ has the same opportunity as the other.

Our easy manageable company is done so by our 7 supporting departments. A company running with 7 departments has a lot of space for Jnr & Snr management.

What are we looking for?

Smart average people who want to succeed in life!

We are not necessarily looking for skilled or experienced people, we are looking for people that want to make a difference in their lives, someone who will do the JOB to their satisfaction & who will work till the task is complete. WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE WE TALKING ABOUT?

Committed; hardworking; loyal; self-motivated; goal driven; ambitious; enthusiastic & people who have the tenacity to keep trying till they get it right!

WE KNOW!! These traits are hard to come by… BUT we are willing to give everybody a chance and who knows?? Maybe you have these qualities… YOU just don’t know it yet!

Go over to our applications “tab” lets book an interview; YOU could be our next SUPERSTAR!!