About the Company Name "Brand Division Marketing"

Meaning: Scientific Pathways to a Brighter Future.

Our company is one of a kind and the name explains exactly. we do things very different and we work with people who are above the "Normal" or "Ordinary" in our business we work VERY hard but when it comes time to play or chill we do that as well as we are hardworking.


If you could fit our people in a BIG hall, "Normal" people would say we are a crazy bunch. It's funny when you enjoy what you do you become a bit "Crazy" or better put "Dynamic"

We are different in every way!

Our Mission

As the director of my branch I work very close to my key people, our mission & focus at the moment is to do one thing, PROMOTE as many people as we can and get our 10 new branches signed sealed and done by year end.

As from the 1 March this year our "NEW" branch will open in the east of Pretoria, it is so exciting to be in a business where you see committed people grow and become successful individuals in our industry. NOTHING excites me more than to hand over the keys to a newly opened branch and passing on the opportunity that was passed to me.


Newly appointed employees for this year have an awesome opportunity and with a little bit of hard-work their branch will open soon. We are building an empire and we would like to include you...